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Kinderschicksale aus Lidice


This book is by no means the first publication that charts the destiny of 105 children from old Lidice. While working on the book the authors drew from most of the available resources (see chapter "Used resources and literature"). All information was put into its place to form a mosaic of a true story.

All discrepancies in the historical dates or facts as well as missing information were gladly completed and corrected by not only the female workers from Lidice Memorial but also by the women and children from Lidice who are still alive. Thanks to the confrontation with their living memories it was possible to put up a trustworthy and authentic description of all events connected with the tragic fate of the Lidice children.

A very detailed description of events that followed after June 10 1942 from the view of the Lidice mothers and children is completed with contemporary photos, document copies and illustrational photos of places mentioned in the text followed by quotes and copies of letters written by the Lidice children closely before their destiny enclosure. Last but not least the books includes quotes and biographies of children from Lidice who survived as well as their both contemporary and current photos. All these things give this book a plate-mark of earnest.

If the readers have a feeling that the described events are just some kind of anonymous war story that we all know from various books and films the chapter called "The end … and for some a new beginning as well" will return the sense of cruel reality to them.

These are real people and it indeed happened to them ...

The book "Kinderschicksale aus Lidice" can be bought in NHL Ležáky, Lidice Memorial or it can be ordered as cash on delivery.

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